The Company sets for itself very high standards of quality and has successfully implemented stringent quality norms at all levels of production. In this way it has been able to successfully meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive market in the recent past.

Positive Features of the Golden Fiber

Jute is bio-degradable and thus environmental friendly, non-pollutant and prevents erosion when used as a soil saver.

Jute Cloth/Bags are a preferred choice to other substitute materials, such as polypropylene, latex foam…etc.

Jute packages save on cost, are more durable and can be used repeatedly.

Perishable goods are safer and more preserved in a Jute package.

Relative toxicity levels and burning behaviors of substitutes favour jute.

Can be used as Geo-textiles on soil erosion, road slides, river bank protection, railway slop protection etc.


SJML specializes in the production of yarn for the carpet industry and is producing a diversified yarn count ranging from 6lbs to 40lbs


Cloth produced here is woven with quality, focusing on the application and use of the product. The mill is producing 22 tons/day of cloth and bags


52 tons/day of twill and plain weave sacks are produced and finished here under stringent quality control standards.


Jute yarns are plied together to make twines as per requirement and use. 15 tons of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply of twine are manufactured per day.